We are ...

  • a private exercise studio in the Pearl District.

  • a no-nonsense, no flash and flare, workout atmosphere. 

  • a modernair-conditioned facility in the Marshall-Wells building.
  • experienced Personal Trainers offering unique indoor/ outdoor workouts.

  •  accredited and skilled to accommodate all ages and fitness needs.

  • capable to offer flexible scheduling. 

  • offering the  lowest rates with professional quality near to you in the Pearl!  

We start you out with a 30 minute complimentary consultation so we can meet with you, answer your questions and show you around our unique fitness facility. 

Standard, one-hour rate: $60.00.  

  • Each personal training session ends with an optional 2 - 5 minute back and shoulder massage.    

Its the best-kept secret in the Pearl!

What we offer...

  • One-on-one fitness coaching and education
  • Complete fitness assessments and body composition testing
  • Nutrition, body fat loss, and lifestyle changes
  • After-care therapy and work injury recovery and prevention
  • Sport-specific training - tennis, running, golf and skiing
  • Home routine workouts
  • Senior fitness expertise
  • TRX system, boxing and  cross-training workouts

What Makes Us Different

  • Friendly, educated, certified and career professionals. No attitudes or macho egos.
  • Maintained and clean fitness equipment. 
  • No smelly locker rooms.
  • Your sessions are for you!  Not your trainer and their phones.


What They're Saying


Read about what sets Fitness Creators Studio apart from other personal fitness trainers. Find out what our clients are saying about our services, and see in their own words why Fitness Creators Studio provides quality instruction in a relaxed but challenging, workout setting. 

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