Client Testimonials and Personal Experiences

Below you will find how many of our clients feel about our Personal Training Services. What sets them apart is their experienced creativity, professional manner, motivational skills and the Studio's comfortable setting. Read how we have improved the lives of our clients.


Fitness Creators has helped me regain my motivation to work out. I truly enjoyed the variety of exercises and was so comfortable working with David. He helped me learn a number of new routines and the correct way to be working out my body. After only a few weeks I began to see and feel the results of the training. I couldn't have asked for a better fitness and motivational experience than what I received at Fitness Creators.


One of the benefits about working out at Fitness Creators is knowing the trainers will push you and help you to realize your full potential. I've always had the motivation to get to the gym, but didn't push myself and did the same workouts time after time. Seeing your body change is motivating and with Fitness Creators, I saw and felt the changes after just a few sessions. I have learned so many new exercises and techniques for the total body, correct form, and always feel like I've had a great workout at the end of a session.


I enrolled in a personal training program in late August with the hopes of maximizing my workouts and ensuring use of correct form. After four months of personal training, I am ecstatic about the results. Not only is my body more toned, but I can visit my gym and get a good pump within a shorter amount of time. To be honest, my body has never looked so good. I can't describe the feeling of seeing biceps through the sleeves of a shirt. Thanks to Fitness Creators, I understand how to structure a workout that insures efficiency. In today's world, that is key.

Fitness Creators is an excellent operation. I highly recommend it to all my friends. In terms of price, they are extremely competitve with local gyms, AND YOU WORKOUT IN A PRIVATE STUDIO!!! Unfortunately, I am moving out of state and can no longer enjoy the benefits of Fitness Creators. However, I thank you for providing me with the secrets of fitness.


It has been one year since I joined Fitness Creators. I was seeking out a facility that offered a more intimate workout atmosphere and a program that would motivate me and provide "workout accountability". My passion outside of family and work is golfing. I wanted to have more flexibility and strength in my swing and be more fit overall. I am proud to say that I became our Ladies Club Champion, and I partially attribute this to my new fitness program designed by Fitness Creators.

It was important to me to have a fitness level that would not require a daily regimen but a good balance in my busy schedule. Fitness Creators has met all these requirements and much more. I am looking forward to my next year as I build on this last year's foundation and continue feeling great!


I have tried working out on my own as well as working with trainers at larger gyms. Working with Fitness Creators has been the only solution that has helped me reach my fitness goals.

The atmosphere is fun and approachable and the gym is immaculate. Working with David and Cindy has improved my knowledge of exercise and kept me on track in meeting my goals. What makes Fitness Creators so effective is their unique approach to training. They pay close attention to how your feeling while your working out. They ask the right questions and they make sure your performing the movements correctly to get maximum results. They focus on small goals in order to help you meet your big goals. I have worked out with several other trainers, David and Cindy raise the bar. Their knowledge and attitude surpasses that of any trainers I have ever worked with and it shows in the results.


I joined Fitness Creators Studio (FCS) because I knew I needed to exercise even though I didn't want to. I live in the building and thought that the convenience factor would be great. I was right! When I started, my trainer David showed me ways to stretch to become more flexible. Before our training I had frequent foot cramps, but that problem has resolved itself with Dave's help.

I love the friendliness of the staff. David, Cindy and Dan are all very nice and funny too. They make sure that you know the other clients that are there at the same time.

I don't have any desire to exercise in a large gym setting so FCS is perfect for me. Thank you guys!


About four years ago, I began experiencing intense lower back pain. Over those four years I consulted with my primary physician, a physical therapist, a chiropractor, two massage therapists, and even an acupuncturist. Nothing helped, and at one point I even wore a brace. After two sessions with personal trainers at CH and 24 Hour Fitness, Greg Vickers (whose opinion I value very highly) recommended I have a consultation with David Dentel at Fitness Creators. That meeting changed my life. I now have worked with David as my personal trainer for about six months. The best of the best is that my back is painful only on occasion. Along with developing a regular work-out routine which fits my individual needs, David has taught me how to focus on what muscles to use when doing mundane chores such as changing the bedding or vacuuming the floor. There is also a focus on appropriate stretching exercises based on my individual needs. It's always nice to see Cindy and Dan in the gym as well. They have a fairly complete set of equipment in their unit in our building (421). And, they have some side interests. I enjoy exchanging movie reviews with them and always love seeing the updated photographs of their baby, Nicholas. Dan's Australian accent is also quite charming. David, Dan, and Cindy: Thank you for being a part of our building community as well as for the personal help you have given me!


David Dentel has done an amazing job helping me achieve my fitness goals. When I first met David at Fitness Creator's studio, I had been very restricted in my level of physical activity due to pain in various parts of my body, from my feet up to my neck. My dilemma was that if I did too much, I could feel worse, but not getting enough exercise definitely made things worse as I lost muscle strength and flexibility. David helped me break out of that cycle by teaching me how to lift weights and stretch with proper form so as to avoid injury, which has allowed me to feel more confident working out independently. I appreciate the integrative approach focusing on strength, cardiovascular, flexibility, balance, and diet. I now feel healthier and am able to enjoy a more active life again.


At Fitness Creators Studio you will learn much more than how to workout. You will gain (an improved) body awareness and learn about how your muscles and bones work, in addition to nutrition, health, balance and flexibility. The personal attention and feedback you will receive from the Personal Fitness Trainers will help you be aware of exercising with proper form and will protect you from any injuries. David helped me achieve the results I wanted, i.e. feel healthier and stronger than I have ever been, but I also received the discipline I needed to workout consistently. Your fitness goals are evaluated and re-evaluated on a consistent base, while your exercise program is designed to be progressive and monitored. Exercising at Fitness Creators Studio is much better than in a typical gym. There is no lines to use the equipment and everything is kept clean and in top-notch condition.


The Trainers at Fitness Creators Studio are excellent teachers and motivators. They kept my program interesting and fun. The facility is very clean, organized and professionally operated. Thank you Dave and Cindy! I was able to see results in 10 short weeks.



The Personal Trainers at Fitness Creators Studio are knowledgeable and professional about their work and about how to treat their clients. Everyone is attentive and friendly and because training is one-on-one, they quickly learn your needs and keep you motivated. Exercise equipment is well maintained, well organized and more than adequate both in versatility and quantity. I really enjoyed the environment of the Studio; the smaller size of the facility, perfect for focused personal training, and the large windows, which provided great natural lighting. I never felt the familiar impersonal intimidation of that of a huge, crowded athletic club, but was always greeted with a smile, a how was your day today question and a warm lick from Pete the Pug.


Fitness Creators Studio is great! First and foremost, I lost 10 lbs. in two months, down one pant size and decreased my body fat percentage by two points. I have worked with two other fitness trainers and they were not as thorough and comprehensive as the trainers of Fitness Creators are. The Trainers helped set my goals and my progress was monitored. They provided a focused atmosphere where one-on-one attention kept my goals in mind. Proper technique was stressed during weight lifting and stretching, along with many other fitness details. Before and after measurements and photos were provided and that helped motivate me. I gained valuable health and fitness tips and techniques to use at my own gym.


I feel better than I have in years and I believe that I am in better shape now than I was when I taught aerobic classes. I have even noticed improvements in my skin coloring and tone. My meditation has improved due to the awareness and breathing techniques Fitness Creators Studio has shown me during my exercise sessions. I feel overall healthier, with greater endurance and can relaxed on demand when I need to. Because of the care and attention I received from the staff at Fitness Creators I enjoy my workouts better and continue to see results in weight loss and strength gain.


Fitness Creators is like a home gym away from home, only with no dust on the equipment, and a fitness guru to keep you safe, motivated, and accountable. I'm twenty-five pounds lighter, and more fit than I've been in the last twenty years, and I have David to thank for it.