Fitness Creators Services & Programs

Fitness Creators Studio offers a wide variety of  fitness services. We offer a 30 minute complimentary consultation so you can review our services, rates and programs, while we get to know you, your fitness goals and expectations.

Our standard rate for each private training session is $60.00 per hour and includes the following:

  • Private workout environment.
  • Supervised and challenging sessions.
  • Customized personal routines.
  • Body Compositions and Fitness Tests optional.
  • Water and towels included.

Please read more about all our services and programs:

  • Personal Training Packages - Looking for an exclusive gym with expert personal attention? You need to check out our personal training packages and rates.
  • Fitness and Health Assessments - Find out more about gauging your wellness with our fitness and health assessments.
  • Nutrition and Weight Improvement Programs - Read about how our nutrition programs and dieting advice completes a wellness lifestyle. These lifestyle changes along with exercise can help you attain your weight loss goals.
  • Fitness Therapy and Work Injury Prevention - Help speed the road to recovery with our advanced trainers help. Muscle rehabilitation and strengthening is one of our specialties.
  • Sports Conditioning Training - Our fitness experts know how to tailor your training for sports and competitive activities. Come check our areas of expertise.
  • Senior Fitness - Like everyone else of any age it is very important for seniors to stay physically fit. Our expertise includes fitness consulting and training for those 65 or older.