Nutrition and Weight

50% of successful fat loss and desired weight maintenance is not what you do in the gym; it's what you eat elsewhere! If fat loss and improved eating habits are some of your goals, then our nutrition programs will help you. We give our clients individual guidance and design their program based on their lifestyles, habits, and desired fitness goals. The Weight Improvement and Nutrition Program is included with all our long-term personal training packages, but can be purchased separately at a cost of $159.00.

Each additional weight management and lifestyle consultation, after the initial program development, can be purchased for $40.00 per 30 minute session.

Our Weight Improvement and Nutrition Program involves:

advocare health products

advocare health products

  • Complete Diet Analysis:
    Clients give us a thorough list of meals, meal contents, and serving amounts for three to five days, which we then analysis for overall nutrient value and calorie balance. This information helps your personal trainer to understand your food choices and eating behaviors, greatly enabling them to help you succeed in your goals.
  • Nutritional Program
    Taking the results of the Diet Analysis, your trainer will design your Nutrition Program and give you a detailed explanation of how your program works. With your lifestyle in mind, your trainer will coach you through planning your meals and food preparation. Your success includes not only the ability to maintain a healthy weight, but the enjoyment of your meals.
  • Lifestyle Consultations
    Our lifestyle consultations consist of a 30-minute, private evaluation session with your personal trainer. Each session coaches the client onto the road toward success and a better quality of life through the Nutrition Program. We offer nutritional education that covers everything from understanding food labeling and preparation to dining out and holiday eating strategies. Your trainer will evaluate your progress and recommend needed strategies to overcome obstacles.