Meet our Advanced Personal Training team

David and Cindy work together at Fitness Creators Studio, offering the highest standard in fitness consulting and exercise. Come find out how our knowledge and education gives us unsurpassed expertise to provide you with the best possible training regimen.


David Dentel

BS in Exercise Science, Portland, OR., ACSM 1992, Exercise Physiologist, Founder.

David is the founder of Fitness Creators Studio, and has faithfully helped people achieve their personal fitness goals for over 20 years in the Portland area. Following David's level of experience is a degree in Exercise Science 1992, and awarded certification by The American College of Sports Medicine. In addition, David has helped his fellow soldiers with their physical fitness while being in the 82nd Airborne and Oregon National Guard and is currently helping Veterans with disabilities.

His skills and experience allows David to provide exercise routines and workouts for a number of fitness goals.  From helping seniors with  functional stability issues to improving muscle tone and stamina for those looking for a more challenging workout. David's unique approach assesses each person's strengths and weaknesses and then applies an integrated system of fitness components, e.g. , resistance weight training, stretching,  and aerobic endurance. "Our fitness studio also offers such a  wide variety of exercises and creative workouts, making it fun ", says David. He also specializes in post-therapy treatment and sports-specific training.

In addition to training people and working out himself to AC/DC and Lady Gaga, he loves spending time with his Family, restoring his house,  watching Clint Eastwood westerns, reading history and SF, playing video-games with his son and camping in the NW.


Cindy Hickman-Dentel

BS in Exercise Science, ACSM 1992, Personal Fitness/Lifestyle Trainer, Co-owner.

Cindy is passionate about health and fitness. She receives a tremendous amount of satisfaction from enhancing the quality of life of others. She is a Personal Fitness/Lifestyle Trainer and has been helping clients achieve their muscle tone and weight management goals successfully since 1993. She received her Exercise Science degree in 1991 and is certified by The American College of Sports Medicine. She specializes in teaching lifestyle changes, emphasizing her coaching abilities towards proper nutrition, strength training, and improving flexibility.

Cindy states, "50% of a person's results are in direct relation to what they do outside of the gym, that's why we help with lifestyle changes from the beginning."

She has been involved in exercise and nutrition for most her life, and has a strong background in sports. Cindy is also a self-taught chef who enjoys the challenge of cooking delicious but nutritious meals.  She also teaches clients how to food shop "strategically" at their local supermarket. Cindy's clients value her "real-life" approach to weight management and exercise. You can e-mail Cindy at with any questions, or to have Cindy analyze a favorite recipe.


Food and Relaxation Specialist.

Pete is an important part of our FCS Training Team.  Pete is a Pug who generates a unique energy, charm, and undeniable cuteness. "Currently, Pete is specializing in providing unique relaxation techniques for our clientele" David says.