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Physical Trainers Even Teach You How to Cook

Our Town Magazine - Maggie White

This is one loft where you won't find living space. What you will find is a room full of state-of-the-art fitness equipment for personal training. Husband and wife team David and Cindy Dentel, both exercise physiologist and certified members of the American College of Sports Medicine, operate Fitness Creators Personal Training and Bodyworks Studio in the Pearl District. Dentel is adamant about educating people to make lifestyle choices in a world where we don't even have to get off the couch to turn off the TV.

David Dentel has always been interested in working out. In high school he worked out with the football team. He got even more interested in exercise science in the Army with the 82nd Airborne.

He now provides one and two hour-long workouts that include posture, body fat and flexibility assessments, breathing techniques, nutrition counseling, endurance training, general fitness guidelines and, for those who wish, cooking consultations on how to prepare and combine healthy foods. There's even boxing and kickboxing education, as well as ergonomic training and education about concepts based upon Pilates, NIA, Feldenkrais and yoga. The key for the Dentels is to educate their clients so that they can make changes.

Dentel is particular about how he conducts his business, he asks clients for a complete medical history and may do any number of physical assessments to tailor workouts to specific needs. Dentel and his staff of personal trainers work in conjunction with people's physicians if an injury is a part of a person's physical challenge. They refer clients to doctors or other experts as needed. The goal is to feel better, to be more in tune with your body, to become more active and in doing so discovering the confidence that comes with renewed vigor.

Technology is one factor affecting people's health that Dentel feels strongly about. On one hand, it allows us to live an easier life; on the other hand, the body can weaken from lack of muscle use: the very things which make our lives easier cause havoc with our posture and body alignment. Many of our everyday environments, like computer workstations and seats in our cars don't allow for proper breathing, which is important, according to Dentel, because it (breathing) can reduce body and muscle stress when the body is in proper alignment and balance. By maintaining proper body alignment, a person can reduce symptoms of headaches and neck and back problems.

If you recognize that you have bad habits, it's never too late to learn how to live up to your potential The Dentels have children of all ages as clients, especially teenagers, along with physicians, business owners, dental hygienists, hairdressers and corporate executives.

People are surprised when they realize they can go beyond their expectations of themselves, says Dentel. At any age, you can get better and feel better. Climbing two flights of stairs without becoming out of breath is an accomplishment for some clients. Success for others means that they can put on a pair of rollerblades in their 50's and join their sons without feeling as if they can't keep up.

The people who come to the studio look upon it as their own home gym, says Dentel. The studio is quiet, has showers and dressing rooms, and snacks and bottled water provided as well as a space to make a business call or two. But, what you do outside the gym is key, says Dentel. If you ignore the signs your body gives you, you will feel what your not addressing in your teens, 20s' and 30s' in your 40s' and 50s'. There are no initiation fees or sign-up costs at Fitness Creators Studio. To reach them for a tour and consultation, call 503-241-2844 or email at

Willamette Week Review

THE SETTING: White winter daylight pours through the north-facing windows of this Irving Street Lofts studio in the Pearl. David and Cindy Dentel, Dan Dearlove and Pete, a pug dog/motivational expert, compose the trainer talent at Fitness Creators Studio. The limited space is used intelligently changing rooms hug one wall, and the kitchen multitasks as consultations room, office and classroom. An elliptical cross-trainer, treadmill and spinning bike compliments the standard array of (exercise) machines and free weights.

THE PHILOSOPHY: The Dentels see fitness as a means to enhance overall quality of life, and they strive to customize their clients' workouts to improve existing lifestyles. In some cases this means using strength and flexibility to make everyday tasks carrying groceries, chugging up a flight of stairs more possible and enjoyable. Although some clients come to them with appearance-related goals, they coax them toward caring about health. Cindy says, Chances are you'll feel the health benefits more quickly than (see) the visual effects, and its important to stay motivated.

BONUS TIDBIT: I was barely across the threshold before David offered me a bottle of water, because he likes to help people stay hydrated. I found that rather thoughtful of him.


Fitness Creators Studio

NW Portland Business Guide - Jennifer Brown

Start the fall with a fitness resolution: Lose 10 pounds. Improve posture and stability. Work on golf swing. Make better food choices. Then head to Fitness Creators Studio in the Pearl District for one-on-one fitness coaching and consulting to accomplish those goals.

After spending many years as a personal trainer in large, corporate gym settings, David Dentel knew that he could provide a more intimate personal training environment that focused on the client. The limitations and impersonal attitudes he saw in large facilities led him to a vision of what he wanted to provide to customers.

David and his wife, Cindy, set to create an upgraded workout facility that offers standard services - fitness assessments, body composition testing, sport-specific training, nutrition counseling - but without the waiting and the crowding of a corporate gym. They wanted to add specialized touches, including cooking consultations and customized fitness programs such as ergonomic and functional training. Together the couple has formed Fitness Creators Studio.

David has been a personal fitness trainer in the Portland area for 15 years; 10 of those have been spent in the Pearl District. His specialties include joint rehabilitation, post-therapy treatment, and sports-specific training.

Cindy specializes in teaching lifestyle changes, emphasizing her coaching abilities toward proper nutrition, strength training, and improving flexibility. She often uses the studio's kitchen to teach clients how to cook low-fat/low-calorie meals. The staff also includes an Aussie trainer named Dan Dearlove, who has been with the Fitness Creators family for eight years. Dearlove specializes in sports conditioning.

The studio's clientele covers a broad spectrum of Portlanders. Clients of every age, of every profession and every category of health and fitness make this studio the place they choose to get fit. David says, "We provide a friendly environment so everyone knows one another but respects everyone else's training session."

The modern, air-conditioned studio boasts muscle strengthening and body toning equipment, as well as cardiovascular and aerobic exercise machines; the lack of smelly locker rooms; and plenty of towels and water. "We make it easier for a workout to be a good experience," David says.

The first step to becoming a client at Fitness Creators is to schedule a complimentary consultation. There are no memberships at this studio, thus no membership or set-up fees. All personal training is done by invitation or appointment only; all sessions are scheduled and paid for in advance. Clients may purchase individual training sessions at $70 an hour, or purchase a package of eight sessions or more for $60 per one-hour session. Call the studio for more details at (503) 241-2844 or visit